Al Higgens Co-Executiv Producer, of “Mike an Molly” for CBS Television.

When I was asked to write a letter of recommendation for Reuben Pacheco I didn’t hesitate. Since moving next to Reuben twelve years ago you couldn’t have asked for a letter neighbor and friend. As for being a considerate neighbor, Reuben has always consulted us before any work is done on his house, paved the area between our homes allowing us to choose the design, hid unsightly wires that only we would see and took it upon himself without us saying a word to have his contractor de-install an air conditioning unit from the side of his house and put it on his roof because he didn’t want the sound to disturb us. Although Reuben has never represented us as a client, we saw conscientiousness and care when he sold the house of our good friends across the street. Not only did he get a good price in a falling economy but we also witnessed his business integrity in that sale. He honestly disclosed the challenges of the home’s locations and the new owners felt fully informed when they made the purchase. He found good people to buy that home and now they have become our friends, as well.
Reuben has our house key and has opened his home (and pool) to my children and myself. He is active in our neighborhood and he and my wife serve on the board Ridgewood-Wilton Neighborhood Association together so i know his commitment to the community at large.
If we ever sold our house we would surely use Reuben as our broker but since Reuben is such a valued part of our life, we don’t plan on moving. Good neighbor Reuben; he is poorer because of his fine character, But thankfully we, and the whole neighborhood, are richer for it.